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Adult’s author Gayle Brown is an award-winning author with her debut novel, A Deadly Game, released December 7th, 2023! Congratulations, Gayle! 

I first met Gayle when she was a member of The Book Incubator, a comprehensive writing program run by novelist Mary Adkins, where I  currently serve as the Writer Relations Director. Gayle signed with a literary agent on her last day in the program and, not shortly thereafter, signed her first publishing contract! 

Gayle is an amazing writer and, even more importantly, a wonderful person. She has returned to the Book Incubator as a mentor and to provide publication support.  

A Deadly Game is a suspense thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. A mother is pulled into an investigation of a missing college student when her son is named a person of interest. This gripping tale explores her unwavering determination and drive to uncover the truth when the line between guilt and innocence blurs. How far will a mother go to protect her child?

Sound intriguing? Pick up a copy today! And learn more about Gayle and her writing journey at her website:

Or find her on Amazon and Barnes and Noble by clicking the links below. 

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Leila Sales is an award-winning children’s author whose most recent novel, The Museum of Lost and Found, was released in August 2023! Congratulations, Leila!
I first met Leila when she was a guest speaker at a writing retreat I attended back in early October.  Leila gave a wonderful talk about not only her book but her favorite (and least favorite!) marketing strategies and how to really lean into your strengths as a writer. She talked about hosting book signing events that include special activities to tie into the theme of her book and which are super fun for her young readers–for example, with her most recent book, Leila hosted an event at a museum where she helped kids create a museum of their own. Not only did that generate interest in Leila’s novel, but it also helped kids stay engaged and learn something along the way. Win-win! Leila goes out of her way to connect with kids and their families, and I love that. She’s also an amazing writer, extremely personable, and truly a joy to get to know. 🙂 
The Museum of Lost and Found is described as “a warm, relatable middle-grade story about a friendship falling apart and the abandoned museum that becomes a shrine to lost connections—featuring black-and-white illustrations by Jacqueline Li.”
Sounds like a fun read, doesn’t it? Pick up a copy today! 
Barnes and Noble

Then visit Leila’s website to learn more about her books and writing journey:  Leila has a super cool website with a ton of free resources for kids, so check it out!

**The Museum of Lost and Found description is courtesy of Amazon
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