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Writing Resources for Adults

Writing Resources for Kids​

  • SCBWI: the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. This is a great resource described as “A global community of resources, professional networking, and community-building opportunities that support writers, illustrators, and translators throughout their careers.” 
  • NaNoWriMo: A great resource providing tools, structure, community, and encouragement to help people find their voices, achieve their goals, and tell their stories. 
  • Janelle Hardy website: a body-based
    approach to writing. She has a blog, podcast, and newsletter & shares lots of writing prompts. 
  • Jane Friedman website: a very comprehensive website about everything writing related.
  • Mary Adkins website: HarperCollins novelist Mary Adkins shares a host of writing-related resources through her blog, podcast, newsletter, and YouTube channel. She also is the founder of a 12-month novel & memoir writing program, The Book Incubator. 
  • Common Sense education: Find a whole host of free and paid writing apps and websites for kids. 
  • Kids Learn to Blog: The 10 best writing websites for kids
  • NanoWriMo: Provides a free, young writers’ program providing year-around tools, resources, and community access to help young writers and educators set creative goals and write their books.
  •  Storybird: A great website that helps kids create their own books, including writing the story and picking their illustrations!
  • E Train Talks: A kid podcaster who reads & reviews books and connects with authors through YouTube interviews. Join him on his amazing  book journey!
  • This is an amazing website! You can find the best books for middle schoolers, including book reviews, book lists, and new releases. You can also search for books by age and grade.

Author Spotlight

Adult Authors

Gayle Brown is an award-winning author with her debut novel, A Deadly Game, released December, 2023! Congratulations Gayle!

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Kids' Authors

Leila Sales is an award-winning children’s author whose most recent novel, The Museum of Lost and Found, was released in August 2023! Congratulations, Leila!

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Links to Cool Stuff

  • My favorite pens: The Pilot G2 .07 pen is my go-to when writing novels. They come in a whopping 20+ different amazing colors and just choosing a “new” color can rid me of writer’s block. (Seriously!) I generally write in black, but then I make notes to myself in a myriad of different colors. You can find the Pilot pens at any office supply store or on Amazon here.
  • My favorite snacks: I love Bublr caffeinated water. So, so good! The Twisted Elixir and Triple Berry Breez’r are my favorites. Less caffeine than a cup of coffee, but the perfect little pick-me-up. 🙂 You can find all kinds of cool stuff (Including recipes!) here. I also love Cheetos. 🙂
  • My favorite writing software: I write my novels by hand in 4 notebooks, following novelist Mary Adkins and her 4-notebook method. You can learn more about Mary and her Book Incubator program here. I work with Mary and am the Writer Relations Director within the program. 🙂 But after my draft is complete, I need to digitalize it for revision and future submissions.
  • I submit to agents and publishers using Word as this is the industry standard. However, I type my drafts using Scrivener. It is truly AMAZING! Now, there are many bells and whistles I haven’t taken the time to figure out, I just use it for typing. But I LOVE it! You can learn more about Scrivener here

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