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Premonition: The Gift

Plagued by a creepy, recurring dream that reveals a secret Gift, 12-year-old Sammy Greene sets off to save the little white dog from his dream and fulfill his destiny. But when the dog leads Sammy to an animal testing operation deep in the woods, Sammy unwittingly discovers Max and Bets, two rookie criminals, and their internet scam to make millions. 
Kidnapped and tied to a chair, surrounded by suffering animals, Sammy is armed with only his pet mouse Cal, a nearly dead cell phone, a hoodie, and his dead grandmother’s cryptic advice.  Forced to face his greatest fear, the fear of failure, Sammy has to figure out a way to escape and save dozens of lives, including his own!
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A Word From The Author

I hope you enjoy Premonition: The Gift,  the first book in the Premonition series. It was about 10 years ago that the idea for this book came to me in a dream. Since then, the story has grown and evolved in ways I never could have imagined! So go ahead and meet Sammy Greene, hang out with Cal and Millie, and travel right along with Sammy as he figures out his Gift and steps up to the challenge! 

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EC Quinn
Children and Adult Author


Reader’s Favorite 5-Star Review:

“Author E C Quinn has crafted an exhilarating story filled with suspense, danger, and a touch of magic that is sure to transport its young readership on an incredible and heartfelt journey.”

” …draws readers into Sammy’s world, where every twist and turn keeps you on the edge of your seat”

“Sammy’s character is brilliantly crafted, evoking empathy and admiration as he confronts his fears and navigates life-threatening situations.”

“The seamless blend of action, mystery, and supernatural elements is blended well and nicely paced to create a gripping narrative that will captivate readers of all ages. “

What Readers Are Saying...

This middle grade suspense novel is a page turner! We follow Sammy, the young protagonist, through the ups and downs of middle school, friends and family as he struggles to fit in. Things start out badly for him and then suddenly, his life is turned upside down by The Gift. This takes him on a dark and dangerous journey full of twists and surprises that will surely captivate young readers. The author does a masterful job exploring the character of Sammy–his insecurities, fears and failures—and how he processes his life internally. The story builds in suspense to a satisfying conclusion that opens a door for a sequel. A great read and a wonderful debut for EC Quinn! 
--Terrill Sullivan

Author and illustrator of Endurance, The Frozen Keep. Winner of the 2023 American Writing Awards Children's Book International Best Graphic Novel

E.C. Quinn has crafted a middle-grade adventure sure to appeal to tweens with age-appropriate social struggles, unwanted magic, and a dangerous animal rescue.

--Lena Gibson

Award-winning author and fifth-grade teacher

If you follow your destiny, you cannot fail. From the first sentence to the last, Premonition: The Gift had me hooked.  When Sammy’s nightmares about a little white dog leave physical marks, he is forced on an adventure that is both scary and dangerous.  Quinn crafted Sammy’s character so well, you’ll feel like he’s a kid from down the block.
--Amy S Cutler

Author of A Shadow of Love

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“The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.” — Maya Angelou

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