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Celebrating Transcendent Moments in Writing…and Reading! 

Read any good books lately?
What made it good?
What drew you to the book in the first place?
The cover?
The back blurb?
A hook-y first paragraph?
Was it a holiday-themed or seasonal book? Or don’t you even care? (I have been known to enjoy Christmas novellas in October and August, no problem at all! If I like the story, I will like it no matter the season. 🙂 )

So once you picked your perfect book, what KEPT you reading?
Personally, I love to read debut authors–much in the same way I always root for the underdog, no matter the sport. 🙂
There’s just something about appreciating the struggle…and the journey.
The story may not be perfect all the way through (most books aren’t!), but I can see the heart and feel the passion behind the finished product. 
And, as a debut author myself, I can appreciate the endless hours, the going-out-of-my-mind times of frustration, and yes, the blood, sweat, and tears that went into crafting that story from the first word to the last and everything in between. 

Novelist Mary Adkins once shared with me that, when writing a book, the ENTIRE book, literally every single scene, doesn’t have to be earth-shatteringly amazing. But there do have to be some “Transcendent Moments”–a few key parts that ARE completely un-put-downable–or people won’t keep reading. And the rest of the book has to simply be “good enough” to make the reader want to continue and find out what happens next.
And that got me thinking….
What about “Transcendent Moments” as READERS?

As readers, we love to find new authors, new books, new bookstores…all of it!
So how can we help bring MORE amazing books into the world?
Or, perhaps the better question is, how can we increase AWARENESS of all the fantastic books and authors already out there?


By celebrating the transcendent moments of connecting authors and readers. Because, no matter HOW AMAZING a book is, if NO ONE reads it, it really didn’t fulfill its destiny to broaden horizons, bring joy, or spark curiosity, did it?

Author-reader connection is key! 

Here are 10 easy, low or no-cost ways writers AND readers can embrace “Transcendent Moments,” promoting books, discovering debut and favorite authors, and reading! (Listed in no particular order; they are all good!):

  • Support your local bookstore. This may sound cliche, but it really is important. Not just to build a community, but to build a community of READERS. Amazon’s great and very convenient, but when you support your local bookstore, you are setting an example to your kids, family, and larger community of what’s important in your world.  And did you know that most local bookstores will go above and beyond to help you? They will order books, ship books, hold books for pick up, and host special events. Just ask!
  • Support your local library. Next to schools, libraries are a great hub for connections in the community. They are also the great equalizer. Books are free. Knowledge is free. Resources are readily available. But your library is only as strong as the people who visit it, utilize its resources, attend its programs, and show they care. Supporting the library = supporting the community. 
  • Post reviews. Found an amazing new author you love? Read the book and then post a great review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads. I CANNOT stress enough how much reviews matter! Seriously, reader reviews help books be seen and noticed. In turn, this helps support authors so they can keep writing. 🙂 
  • Host authors at schools, libraries, and other community events. Authors love to meet readers and talk about books. They love to sign & personalize their books and share their writing process. Events help authors connect with readers and promote the visibility of their books and help readers find new authors. A win for all!
  • Request that your local library orders a debut or favorite author’s book. Found a new author you love? Fill out your local library’s short online form to request they purchase the book so others can enjoy it, too. This is a super easy way to both boost visibility for new authors and to share new books with the community. 
  • Start or stock a Little Free Library. As an author, you can add your book to Little Free Libraries in your community and surrounding area. It’s a great way to promote and share your book. Love to travel? Bring copies of your book to spread all along your travel route. And readers, when you finish reading a great book, feel free to donate it to a Little Free Library so others can enjoy it. 🙂
  • Invite a debut or favorite author to your monthly book club. Want to change up your regular book club? Host an author! MANY authors are more than happy to come to your club in person or to pop on Zoom to discuss their book! You’ll be able to ask questions, learn about writing, and hear more about publishing. It’s sure to be a fun event for all! To set up a visit, just go to the author’s website–most have a contact form or email to connect and request a visit. 
  • Follow and share your favorite authors on social media. One of the easiest ways to share great books and fantastic authors is through your social media. Just posting a picture of the current book you are reading (and loving!) can help other voracious readers enjoy it, too. Have a favorite author? Discover a debut author or a new-to-you author? Go ahead and spread the word. It helps your fellow book enthusiasts find amazing books, AND it helps the author grow their following! Win-win.
  • Give books as gifts for any and all occasions (or for no occasion at all!) I love giving books as gifts–birthday, Christmas, baptism, graduation, thank-you…and the list goes on! Not sure what the person likes to read? Get a gift card to your local bookstore so they can shop and pick out something special.  
  • Become a beta reader. Lucky enough to know a writer personally? Offer to be a beta reader for them. A beta reader is someone who reads an early copy of an author’s newest book to help find errors, plot holes, confusing parts, and areas for improvement. Authors do this all the time for each other, which is awesome, but having an authentic, honest reader reaction is GOLD! After all, the reader is the target audience every author is writing for. 🙂

So what do you think? Were any of these ideas new to you? Did I miss a great way you like to connect with authors and find new-to-you books? Let me know at 

Enjoy celebrating all the transcendent moments, and I’ll see you next month! 🙂

EC Quinn

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