Meet Cal!

Premonition: The Gift
Meet Cal!

I’m excited to introduce you to Premonition: The Gift’s cast of characters!

I already introduced you to main character Sammy Greene. Now, I would like you to meet Cal!

When Sammy has a premonition and is called to follow his destiny, the mission proves difficult & the journey feels impossible.

Enter Cal! A mouse rescued from a science experiment, Cal tags along as Sammy’s sneaky sidekick. But Cal is small, and the task is huge–will he and Sammy team up to defeat evil, or will they both perish?

Pre-order your copy of Premonition: The Gift today and be one of the first to find out! 
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Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement! I feel deeply blessed to have you joining me on my writing journey. 🙂

Happy reading,

EC Quinn

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